Friday, July 15, 2005

Heloise again top 'Gold’ shooter!

NatWest Island Games * Alice Mascarenhas reports from the Shetlands

Air Rifle shooter Heloise Mañasco remains the women’s top female shooter at the competition.

For the second consecutive games she took the gold medal in the competition with a total score of 481.5.

Gibraltar now has three gold medals in their total of eight medals.

Heloise scored highly on each round – R1. 95 R2.94 R3.96 R.4 97 Final 99.5.

Menorca promises support for Gibraltar

Meanwhile Minister Fabian Vinet spoke today of his brief encounter with the Menorca delegation.

Although the Menorcan delegation requested a meeting with him earlier in the week prior to the vote at the AGM on Tuesday it never materialised. The delegation including their own minister left Shetlands early yesterday.

Mr Vinet said he had sat with them at an official dinner on Wednesday night. “They did not seem excessively keen to hold a formal meeting there and then, and prior to their departure but I did manage to briefly put Gibraltar’s point of view across,” he told the Chronicle.

“The expression that came from them was that Gibraltar can count with their full support, not only with regards to Island Games where they will respect our participation but that in fact we can also count on their support more generally on Gibraltar matters,” he added.
Meanwhile the Chronicle tried to obtain an interview with the delegation. Although initially they seemed prepared to grant us one they then turned it down commenting Gibraltar should not be concerned about their entry into the Island Games family and that they were happy to be in the Island Games as the 25th member.

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