Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Government announce drug education scheme

Funded by Freemasons

The Gibraltar Government has unveiled plans for a drug education scheme in schools funded by local Freemasons.

A social affairs spokesman said:

“The Department of Education and Training and the Ministry for Social Affairs has announced the implementation of the RIDE drug education scheme in all Middle Schools after an extensive evaluation period and as part of the Government’s Drug Strategy.

The RIDE scheme was developed by the RIDE Foundation (Research Into Drug Education), a charitable Trust working in schools and with young people in England.

The scheme places great emphasis on empowering children with the life-skills necessary for making informed choices regarding the risks related to drugs in general.

It has been welcomed by the Drug Strategy Coordinator as another means of creating awareness and providing objective information about the dangers of drugs.

The partnership between statutory and voluntary organisations is central to the implementation of the Government’s strategy against drugs.

The Freemasons of Gibraltar for example, have fully funded the introduction of the scheme in our schools. They have also been instrumental in facilitating the contacts with the RIDE Foundation and also funded an INSET (In-Service Training) session for teachers when the scheme was first introduced to schools.

Following the success of the programme, the potential for extending it to secondary schools is currently being evaluated.”


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