Friday, July 01, 2005

Gay Group likens Caruana to Aznar

Equality Rights group GGR (Gib Gay Rights) has welcomed yesterday’s passing of new legislation in Spain which allows for gay and lesbian people to marry.

In a statement issued yesterday spokesman Felix Alvarez said that Mr Caruana’s inaction to advance “the rights of sexual minorities,” puts him in a position similar to that of Spanish ex-President Jose Maria Aznar. Mr Alvarez said:

“Whilst GGR is not so insistent on the actual word “marriage”, we are no less so with regards to the need for Gibraltar to give full equality to Gibraltarians of diverse sexuality in all fields that matter in citizenship.

There can be no justice while discrimination continues to be enshrined in our laws and politics and we will continue to highlight this fact.

Mr Caruana’s evident insistence on doing absolutely nothing to advance the rights of sexual minorities puts him in a position similar to that of Spanish ex-President Aznar, who himself held exactly the same view: that is, "say nothing, do nothing.”

This tactic aims to hold back progress in this area but all it achieves is undermine
the credibility of the Government.

The GSD (Gibraltar Social Democrats) should realise that, as an NGO, we have been forced into open confrontation with the Government, a position we will continue to develop in the run-up to the next elections, after almost five years of patience.

We look forward to the day when the anachronism of Government by Mr Caruana is replaced by a Gibraltar Government that finally listens to people and is less ruled by Chief Ministerial dogmas than by a sense of social justice.”


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