Saturday, July 30, 2005

Caruana unveils portraits of Gibraltar Chief Ministers

Chief Minister Peter Caruana unveiled the portraits of Gibraltar’s five Chief Ministers to date at The Mount on Thursday evening.

Presented to the people of Gibraltar by the Alwani Trust, the portraits have all been painted by local artist Ambrose Avellano.

The works have all been painted mainly from photographs at the time when the various chief ministers were in post. Sir Robert Peliza; Sir Joshua Hassan; Adolfo Canepa; Joe Bossano and Peter Caruana who was the only contemporary. The artist also consulted with their wives, and had a few personal sittings when possible.

Unveiling the portraits, the Chief Minister stated that there was no doubt that part of the heritage of Gibraltar and its people was its political, democratic and self-government heritage.

“This is not better reflected by the fact that we have quite a long line of Chief Ministers. It shows the amount of time for which we have been successfully running our own affairs as a community,” he said.

Turning to the former Chief Ministers he added, “it is fitting that we are here to receive together this tribute that the Alwani Trust has made to the people of Gibraltar.”

The portraits will be displayed for the public over the next few months, although it is still not known where. After that they will be housed at No.6 where it is expected the portraits of all former Chief Ministers will be hang permanently on the ground floor of No.6 Convent Place.

But the Chief Minister said he was not sure if it was appropriate for his own portrait to hang whilst he was still in office, and would probably have to wait for his successor to give the go ahead. He thanked the Alwani Trust for the work it carries out throughout the year and for this latest contribution.


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