Thursday, July 21, 2005

Caruana moves motion to confer Freedom of the City on Loreto Nuns

As the Loreto Nuns celebrate 160 years on the Rock this October, Chief Minister Peter Caruana yesterday gave notice of a motion that he will move at the current meeting of the House of Assembly to confer the Freedom of the City of Gibraltar on the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary, also known as the Loreto Sisters.

The next meeting of the House will take place on July 27th.

According to Mr Caruana the move is “in recognition of their dedication to the development of education in Gibraltar over the last 160 years.”

Commenting on the decision to propose this honour, Mr Caruana said the Loreto Sisters had played a huge role in the education of many generations of Gibraltarians, particularly our girls.

“In granting them the Freedom of our City we will be recognising this fact and thanking them for their contribution to our society and to our development as a people,” he said.

The ceremony to bestow the freedom, once granted by the House of Assembly, will take place at a later date.

Meanwhile Mr Caruana will be moving a second motion approving regulations for the International Criminal Tribunal in respect of the former Yugoslavia and Burma, which will include the freezing of funds and economic resources of indictees.

A number of bills dealing with terrorism, legal aid, taxation and pollution will also go through the various stages.


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