Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Caruana announces Government reshuffle

Ministerial changes

Chief Minister Peter Caruana yesterday announced a wide ranging ministerial reshuffle and the addition of new portfolios that will become effective immediately.

Among these is the creation of two new areas – Minority Issues, and Children’s, Single Parents and Women’s Issues. At this stage it is unclear whether minority issues refers to ethnic or sexual minorities.

The changes are as follows:

The Hon J J Holliday remains Minister for Trade, Industry & Communications and becomes Deputy Chief Minister.

Speaking to the Chronicle Mr Caruana said the reason for this was “ to better co-ordinate the creation of jobs in the context of inward investments and specific needs of established businesses.”

The Hon B Linares remains Minister for Education & Training, and adds Civic & Consumer Affairs to his portfolio of responsibilities which includes the new portfolio of Minority Issues.

Employment passes to Trade and Industry.

The Hon C Beltran Clive Beltran becomes Minister for Housing. He will continue as Mayor.

The Hon F Vinet becomes Minister for Heritage, Culture, Youth & Sport.

He also retains responsibilities for Utilities (i.e. electricity & water)

The Hon Y Del Agua remains Minister for Social Affairs.

Specific portfolios relating to Children’s, Single Parent and Women’s Issues are created and added to Mrs Del Agua’s responsibilities.

The Hon J Netto becomes Minister for the Environment, which ministry retains responsibility for Roads, Traffic, Parking and for the Upper Town Urban Renewal Scheme.

The Hon E Britto remains Minister for Health, and his portfolio of responsibilities remains unchanged so that he will continue to roll out the large scale improvements being introduced in our health service.

Mr Caruana continued:

“This year sees the start of several major capital investment projects by the Government and this reshuffle will ensure the best use of ministerial resources to oversee them.

Jaime Netto, having overseen major improvements in Building & Works, in the services offered by the Housing Ministry, a major and ongoing refurbishment programme of public housing and the forthcoming new housing schemes, moves on to the Environment. There he will lead on the Government’s programme for Upper Town Urban Renewal Scheme, New Parking Schemes and New Roads Programme.

Clive Beltran will usher in the proposed reforms of public housing, will continue the public housing refurbishment programme and will oversee the New Housing Programme.

Fabian Vinet is the new Minister for Heritage, Culture, Youth & Sport. He will oversee the introduction of the New Sport & Leisure Authority, the completion of the Bayside Sport & Leisure Centre and, as minister for Leisure Activities, will oversee the construction of the Leisure Centre at King’s Bastion and the creation of other new leisure facilities.”


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