Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Better advice / Better health!

The Gibraltar Citizens Advice Bureau (GCAB) will be linking with the Gibraltar Health Authority (GHA) to provide a holistic advice and information service to users of St Bernards Hospital, Europort.

The aim is of improving access to advice and information, not just about medical issues, but about the wider social issues which impact on the health of the individual and the family.

CAB research has found that CAB services are more accessible in outreach venues such as health settings, and reach clients who would not otherwise seek help.

“Advice services in health care settings are an excellent way of bringing advice to those who find it difficult/impossible to reach services, people who are sick, disabled, elderly and their carers. Advice projects can focus on the families and carers of people who are ill,” says Pili Rodriguez. She adds:

“When ill health strikes, whether it is suddenly as a result of an accident or gradually due to a debilitating illness, it can bring all sorts of problems, anxieties and concerns.

The Citizens Advice and Information process allows for the interconnected problems such as unemployment, relationship breakdown and debt, which may be factors contributing to anxiety, worry and depression to be dealt with effectively in one place.

GCAB service is confidential, free, impartial and independent. The advice service is a generalist one and can therefore address all aspects of a clients situation.

It also has a range of sepecialist advisors and services available when needed.

Citizens Advice believes access to timely and relevant advice and information , not just on clinical issues, but on wider social problems has a big impact on people’s ability to make better choices in life including lifestyle.”

The Gibraltar Citizens Advice Bureau will be at the reception area of St Bernard’s Hospital on Wednesdays. The first outreach clinic will take place today 8.30 am to 3.00 pm.

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