Friday, July 22, 2005

Bassadone launches graduate sponsorship scheme

Bassadone has launched a Graduate Sponsorship Scheme in support of local students heading for university.

The Bassadone Group of Companies is offering two students studying locally, with a view of attending University, places on the Company’s Graduate Sponsorship Scheme.

These places will be offered to students who have gained admittance to a University and are following courses in Information Technology, Mechanical Engineering or Business Studies or similar related courses, and will start their courses in a relevant subject in the autumn term 2005.

Acceptance is conditional on “A” Level (or equivalent) results being achieved and confirmation that a degree course will be taken.

A spokesperson for the company said that the Bassadone Group of Companies would offer the successful candidates the opportunity of work experience with the firm in Gibraltar during the summer vacation (subject to availability) to enable them to find out more about their chosen career should they so desire.

Successful applicants will receive £1000 per academic year for the three years of their degree course, payable at the beginning of each academic year.

The Bassadone Group of Companies is one of Gibraltar’s most progressive companies, with a turnover of £75 million and 178 employees.

The group incorporates Toyota Gibraltar Stockholdings Ltd, Bassadone Motors, Armoured Vehicle Projects Ltd, Star Project Vehicles Ltd, Expo/Impo and Industrial Finance Corporation Ltd.

Anyone interested in applying for the Bassadone Group of Companies Graduate Sponsorship Scheme should submit the following details:

A CV along with details of any future studies; a short explanation of why they should receive this award; and an academic reference from one of their tutors.

Applications should be sent in by Friday 2 September and will be treated in the strictest confidence.

“The selection will have regard to the input of the relevant school but the ultimate decision as to who should receive the award will rest with the Directors of the Bassadone Group,” said a spokesperson for the company who added that the proposals for the establishment of this scholarship have been discussed with advisers from the Department of Education and Training and approved by the Minister of Education
and Training, Dr Bernard Linares.

“There is no onus on the company to offer employment on completion of the degree, nor is there a requirement on the graduate to join The Bassadone Group of Companies,” added the spokesperson.

Applications and details should be sent to: Mrs Lourdes Barea, Human Resources Manager, Bassadone Group of Companies, 42 Devil’s Tower Road, Gibraltar. E.mail:


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