Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Alvarez lashes out at new Minorities Portfolio

Equality Rights group GGR (Gib Gay Rights) has criticised aspects of Government’s announcement of a ministerial reshuffle.

Chairman Felix Alvarez said that whilst the Chief Minister may “attempt to put a new face on a tired Government, the only thing he is achieving is highlighting how out of touch he is with the facts as they are lived by ordinary Gibraltarians.”

“Whilst Mr Mr Caruana aims to paint a prettier picture of his Government, we feel sorry for Bernard Linares who has now been landed with yet one more wet attempt at political cosmetic surgery so as to help his boss look pleasant to minorities.

The so-called ‘Minorities Portfolio’ is doomed from the start because where there is no political will to really bring in the changes in legislation, policies and procedures no amount of continuing cheap spin will succeed in hiding the facts.” Mr Alvarez stated.

“Time will tell, but all that Bernard Linares will likely be doing with this is telling us eventually that the important project of setting up the Equal Opportunities Commission required by the Equal Opportunities Ordinance will in reality just be a desk and a chair somewhere in the back of the Citizens Advice Bureau or the Ombudsman’s Office.

Meanwhile issues of equality which can only be tackled by new laws will continue to be totally ignored! And it will be business as usual for discrimination, marginalisation and injustice!”

The GGR claimed evidence of the “cosmetic nature of this latest attempt to pull the wool over the public’s eyes” is the actual location of the Minorities portfolio: in Education and Training.

“Neither the disabled, nor gay people nor any other disadvantaged citizens in Gibraltar need to be part of an education or training Ministry: what they need is an end to discrimination in the provision of goods and services, an end to discrimination in Government housing, an end to not being able to enter into officially-recognised partnerships, an end, in effect, to all inequalities as citizens.”

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