Friday, June 10, 2005

We do not agree nothing can be changed, Bossano tells CM

Reaction to GBC UN interview

GSLP/Liberals yesterday said they noted that in an interview with GBC (Gibraltar Broadcasting Corporation) in New York Chief Minister Peter Caruana had stated that the Government’s view was that the Seminars organised by the UN were not worth attending because nothing was ever achieved.

Leader of the Opposition Joe Bossano reacted by saying that the Government is perfectly entitled to exercise its judgment and act accordingly, “but for the record the Opposition wishes to make clear that it disagrees totally with the views expressed.” An Opposition statement said:

“In addition, the Government considers that since only seven to eight members of the Committee are present it is not worth attending. Moreover, Mr Caruana said that the other two occasions are enough to put the Government’s case on Gibraltar, namely the June meeting with the 24 Committee members and the 4th Committee with 180 members. Mr Caruana said that this policy had been adopted some years ago and was not going to change, given the above.”

The Government last attended the Fiji UN Seminar in 2002. It did not go to Anguilla in 2003 or Papua in 2004. The Opposition last attended the Cuba UN Seminar in 2001 and has not attended the subsequent ones until this year because it could not afford to meet the costs every year, in spite of the fact that it considers participation in the Seminars even more useful than addressing the two New York meetings in June and October.

It seems strange that if the Government after attending Fiji in 2002 took the policy decision not to go to future Seminars it should not have announced this policy and be reported earlier this year, when the date of the St Vincent Seminar was announced, as considering attending. Moreover, when the participation of Joe Bossano at the Seminar was made public the media reported that this was “in the wake of the Chief Minister pulling out of the trip because of the impact on his agenda”. There was then no indication that the Government thought it was a pointless exercise.

The Opposition cannot agree that nothing can be changed or stopped by Gibraltar in these Seminars.

The recommendation asking the New York Committee of 24 to continue to support talks under Brussels has been removed and the proposal by Argentina to declare that Falkland Islanders were not entitled to self-determination was not adopted. In both cases after Joe Bossano intervened on these items in this year’s Regional Seminar at St Vincent.”

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