Thursday, June 16, 2005

VOGG organise counter vigil

Spanish pensions dispute

Pressure group Voice of Gibraltar (VOGG) will be organising a symbolic gesture on the local side of the frontier tonight to coincide with the Spanish pensioners demonstration at the monument to the La Linea cross-frontier worker.

“Anyone coming down to the event is asked to be on best behaviour and follow the directions of the Royal Gibraltar Police or members of VOGG,” said group spokesman Paul Tunbridge

Mr Tunbridge said they will light a candle with the following message of ‘hope’:

“Peoples have to understand and respect each other in the knowledge that there will always be more than one opinion be it legal, political or social.”

Mr Tunbridge continued:

“We take due note that all participants at Tuesday’s pensions meeting in Madrid agree that the solution lies with London. Therefore, why antagonize the Gibraltarians with a demonstration at the frontier and not do so at UK diplomatic legations in Spain? Furthermore if Madrid is not prepared to advance any monies, a protest at the corresponding Spanish Ministry will not go amiss.

ALPEG may want to commemorate the death of many pensioners, yet there are other ‘dark’ periods in their history that are conveniently forgotten. The refugees from the Spanish Civil War, who lived, worked and died on the Rock, without ever been remembered, is a case in point. So is the number of people, on either side of the frontier who died during the years of its closure, without ever seeing their friends and relatives.

The Mayor of La Linea reminds all and sundry of the ‘efforts’ of Spaniards, during the years of the evacuation. However he fails to mention the saboteurs and spies who provided information to the Italians and Germans in Algeciras which resulted in the sinking of Allied shipping. Of course, Spain was neutral in the war between Fascism and Democracy, but still erected a monument to the Italian human torpedoes.”


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