Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Union welcome minimum wage increase

Reaction to Budget

TGWU yesterday welcomed the decision by the Gibraltar Government to increase the statutory minimum wage from £156 to £175.50 for a 39 hour week (i.e.) from £4 to £4.50 an hour. This represents an increase 12.5% and a weekly rise of £19.50, said the Union.

Meanwhile District Officer Luis Montiel said that “there are many employees in the commerce and catering industry who are frightened to join the union as they seem to be threatened by employers.”

A TGWU spokesman said:

“We consider this announcement by government a progressive stand and a positive move in the fight to eradicate low pay in the private sector.

Ideally we would have achieved this objective through collective agreement between the unions and employees.

We have embarked on a policy to achieve fair wages in areas of the private sector where this is non-existent.

In non-unionised areas a measure of this sort enhances the earning potential of private sector employees, who otherwise would have been unable to get a decent pay rise.

Another area where government intervention is needed is the question of a statutory occupational pension scheme. We will work closely with government for the introduction of this policy. The Gibraltar government has opened up the provision of Provident Fund 2 pension scheme for employers and employees in the private sector.”

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