Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Spain gestures friendship but clings to traditional stance

Gibraltar at the UN decolonisation session

Spain regards its approach to talks including Gibraltar as a mark of respect for Gibraltarians and their representatives – but, in a move that parallels the Gibraltar stance on self-determination it made no sign of letting go of its traditional doctrine on sovereignty.

In his statement the Spanish delegate Román Oyarzun said that Spain follows the decolonisation process with interest mainly because of its “unwaivable” Gibraltar claim.

Repeating the claims over both the Utrecht ceded land and the isthmus he stressed Spain’s attachment to the claim on the basis of territorial integrity and said that for this reason it must not be based on self-determination.

He described how following the UN mandate urging Spain and UK to resolve all differences regarding Gibraltar Spain had engaged in the Brussels process and then in 2004 the Spanish president Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero had said that Spain would maintain its negotiating will for reaching a solution that would benefit the region in its totality “and would listen to the voice of this non-autonomous territory”.

The UK-Spain communiqué had last October established the new forum “separated from the Brussels process”. He set out the terms of that communiqué including Spain’s recognition that UK would not give its corresponding part of any agreement without the consent of the Gibraltar Government.

Definitely, together with this Forum for dialogue and with the Joint Commission (for co-operation) we are achieving our objective of creating atmosphere of mutual trust and co-operation for the benefit and for the prosperity of Gibraltar and the totality of the region.”

Spain said that it believed all parties have made an effort not only with imagination, but also with a good will to overcome old suspicions and advance in resolving problems concentrating on common interests, in what unites us, instead of in what separates us.”

“Spain considers that this process is a demonstration of respect towards the citizens of Gibraltar and its representatives and hopes that the United Kingdom will also respect its obligations according to the UN Resolutions putting an end to this colonial situation.”

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