Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Rocca Report “highly critical of GHA”

Inquest pending

The family of Keith Rocca, the man who died unexpectedly in the old St Bernard’s Hospital last year after being admitted with chicken pox have confirmed that they have a copy of the report into his death commissioned by the Gibraltar Health Authority (GHA).

The family have said they wish to hold on publishing the document in order not to interfere with the pending inquest. But Mrs Rocca, in a letter to the Chronicle, confirms that the report makes “disturbing reading”.

Mr Rocca had a young family of three children and was barely 40. His wife was in Britain having medical attention at the time of the incident.

The report entitled “A serious untoward incident at St Bernard’s Hospital concerning Keith Rocca on June 13/14” and written by three medical experts from Britain, is said to be highly critical of certain GHA staff and Mrs Rocca states that it appears to her that a lot of the changes recommended in the report “have, wrongly, not been actioned”.

Rocca Family awaits InQuest

Dear Sir

I am the wife of Keith Rocca, deceased.

It is now a year since my husband was admitted to hospital with chicken pox and died in the care of the GHA.

Members of the nursing section of the Transport & General Workers Union have publicly asked why the Rocca Report into the death of my husband has not yet been published.

I want to clarify that I have received a copy of the GHA report into my late husband’s death. It makes disturbing reading.

In deference to the Coronor’s office pending the inquest, I have asked the GHA not to make the report public at this stage. In light of what the report finds I do not think that publication would be appropriate until such time as an inquest into the death is completed.

Nonetheless I think it is important for me to say that the report contains references to professionals in the GHA. It is fair to say that the references to nurses generally show them to be diligent and who did an absolutely brilliant job despite other failings in the GHA. The report is very, very critical however in other areas and of other professionals. I will want the report to be public, at the appropriate time, and with such deletions as may be appropriate.

Suffice to say that, to date, it appears to me that a lot of the changes recommended in the report have, wrongly, not been actioned.

I am also concerned that the necessary inquest into the death of my husband should be held quickly. It is important that Gibraltar is aware of the facts which led to my husband’s untimely death.

Yours sincerely

Analiese Rocca


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