Thursday, June 02, 2005

Pooling Resources!

The Borough of Poole has had its top representatives in Gibraltar mooting the idea of Twinning with Gibraltar.

In the past the Rock has been twinned with Goole but Councillor, Mayor of Poole, Lou Knight said yesterday that the port town would be very interested in an active relationship especially focused on youth exchanges.

Mayor Knight and a team from Poole met with Gibraltar’s Mayor Clive Beltran yesterday after a Rock Tour and were last night meeting representatives of the community in a reception at the City Hall.

Mr Knight, wearing the mayor’s emblem around his neck, was accompanied by his wife Angela, Paul Morris, Poole’s Returning Officer, Councillor Ron Parker, a Cabinet Member and Tim Martin Head of Legal and Democratic Services.

Mr Knight said Gibraltar and Poole have a common interest in tourism and port activities. Last year he was Sheriff of Poole, an office that dates back to 1568 when first granted by Elizabeth I and then ratified by the Queen in 1972. Mr Knight said he looks forward to promoting the ‘Rock and Poole’.

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