Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The path to Granada!

A request by the Moorish Castle Tenants’ Association in 2004, where they asked the area known as “Los gallineros” directly above the Estate to be cleared of chicken runs, derelict sheds, and the indiscriminate dumping of refuse and unwanted household goods to be cleared led to uncovering the Gates to Granada.

To carry out this task Government brought together individuals from the Ministry for Housing, the Town Planner, Land Property Services and the RGP.

Community Projects Ltd was involved in the cleaning process and it has taken a total of seven months in which a total of 187 skips of refuse were removed.

Jaime Netto, Housing Minister, told the House that in the process of clearing the area it was discovered that part of the original paths and heritage walls in the foreground leading to the Moorish Castle had been covered over a process of many years.

The Ministry for Housing has plans to provide a soft playground area for toddlers and mothers to enjoy.

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