Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Not the moment for Demo, says CITIPEG

Juárez pensions campaign

Citipeg one of two associations of Spanish workers on the Rock – reportedly much smaller than its rival ASCTAEG– has said it will not be supporting the protest event organised by La Linea mayor Juan Carlos Juarez to claim the payment of Spanish pensions.

Citipeg (Circulo Trabajadores Pensionistas Españoles en Gibraltar) spokesman Francisco Ponce declared yesterday it was not the moment for such a demonstration. Sr Ponce said:

“Our organisation wish to respond to the recent press statement by the Mayor of La Linea Juan Carlos Juárez, regarding the decision to convene a mass demonstration, carrying candles to the frontier, to protest over the situation affecting the pension rights of former Spanish workers on the Rock.

We will not be supporting this demonstration, because it is not the moment for it. CITIPEG and its executive committee will always support these pensioners in their claim to get the UK Government to pay their rightful entitlements, but consider that the decision to hold this event is more political than in defence of the pensioners rights, and we neither support the manner or style in which the demo has been organised.

We are in favour of dialogue and good relations to find solutions to the problems
that emerge, in the new tripartite forum that has been created.

CITIPEG will always support the creation of jobs in Gibraltar, and that the manpower be preferentially Gibraltarian and from the Campo Area.”

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