Wednesday, June 15, 2005

No Fee for Charities at Fair, says Government

There is no truth in the statement by Opposition spokesman Steven Linares, that Government has introduced a fee for charities setting up stalls at the Fair and National Day, No 6 said yesterday.

Responding to the Opposition spokesman's recent declarations to the contrary the Government said that "once again Mr Linares appears to have made a public statement without checking his facts."

Government says it has never charged and will continue not to charge charities that set up stalls at the Fair or National Day.

Mr Linares also accuses Government of giving the monies raised at the Fair and National Day to the charities of its choice. In fact these funds are always distributed equally amongst the charities that voluntarily assist with the National Day Fun Fair at the Coach Park, said No 6.

The Government says that clubs and associations have always contributed (save in exceptional circumstances) a percentage of their profits towards the charity pool.

A Government spokesman said:

"The greater the profit, the higher the amount contributed. As from this year Government is asking Clubs and Associations to contribute a set amount based on their last contribution. They will now be able to keep all profits made over and above the stated contribution that will go to the charities pool.

The Government has done this for, the benefit of the clubs and Associations concerned, so as to limit (not increase) their contribution to the charity pool.

Government notes with satisfaction that this year there has been an increase in the number of charities, clubs and associations applying to set up stalls, bars and amenities at the Fair and National Day."


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