Tuesday, June 07, 2005

New Book seeks to understand the Rosary


The author Ruth Rees, a Jewish convert to the Catholic faith, presented her new book on the Rosary at a press conference in the Cathedral of St. Mary the Crowned yesterday.

Titled ‘The Rosary in Space and Time’, the book aims to help Catholics develop a more profound understanding of The Rosary and, in so doing, add greater depth and meaning to their prayers.

Ms Rees adopts an investigative approach to the subject, applying skills learned over many years working as a print and broadcast journalist. She explores the biblical sources of Rosary prayer and uses historical material to paint a picture – painful at times – of daily life in the time of Jesus. It is a book that aims to be accessible to all readers.

“Many books have been written by saints apparently for saints,” she writes in her introduction.

“Mine has been written by a sinner for sinners.”

She explained that when she first set out to explore and understand the various Mysteries of the Rosary, she had little idea of how vast the task ahead would be.
The book eventually took nearly 12 years to research. “When you find the answer to one query, immediately something else comes up,” Ms Rees said yesterday.

Much of her passion for the Rosary is based on personal experience and one incident in particular, the “crisis point” as she describes in the book. Years ago Ms Rees was working in Torremolinos – she has a life-long love of Iberia – where she witnessed the collapse of a hotel. Three children were trapped in the rubble and their British parents were distraught with shock and grief, fearing the worst. Ms Rees made a personal promise to Our Lady to pray the Rosary every day for at least two years if the children were found alive. Against all odds, all three survived.

Personal reasons also lay behind the author’s decision to have her book launch in Gibraltar. She chose the Rock after she visited the Shrine of Our Lady Of Europe for an article in a British Catholic publication some years ago. “This is a key place spiritually, that’s why I wanted to launch my book here,” Ms Rees said.

The book, which is on sale at the Catholic Bookshop in the Cathedral of St Mary the Crowned, will be formally launched in the presence of His Lordship the Very Reverend Bishop Caruana at a reception in the Garrison Library tomorrow evening.

The Rosary in Space and Time’ is also available online at ‘
’ priced at £7.99 & eligible for Free UK delivery on orders over £19.00.

Other Books by Ruth Rees also available online at Amazon.co.uk

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