Saturday, June 25, 2005

Navas retires as Headteacher of Bayside

Bayside will have a new head teacher as from September in the new academic year.

Ivan Navas who has held the headship for the past five years announced his retirement on Tuesday when he informed the Education Department and his staff.

A vacancy for the Bayside Headteacher Designate was issued and circulated by the Department of Education on Thursday.

The closing date for applications is next Friday.

“As far as possible we are going to try and appoint a new head before the start of the new school year,” Director of Education Leslie Lester told the Chronicle on Friday.

But if for any reason and as a result of the school holidays this is not possible, Mr Lester confirmed, Mr Navas had agreed to stay on until the end of September.

Meanwhile Mr Navas admitted his retirement which has come as a shock to many had not been planned.

“The possibility of retirement had been remote in my mind and it was a sudden decision due to personal reasons,” he told the Chronicle on Friday.

Mr Navas who described his headship years as both challenging and positive said he was very happy to have made the decision for family and personal reasons, and especially that he had taken the right decision.

“I have been very privileged to have been entrusted with the responsibility of headship over the past five years. I have been very happy and it has been a major challenge for me to be in the school and to be surrounded by good and efficient professionals.”

Before taking over the headship at Bayside Mr Navas had been deputy for 12 years. He has taught at Bayside since 1972.

His teaching career began in 1965 in St Jago’s. when he then left to study in the UK, after some time and spending a year in France, he returned to teach in the Grammar School in 1970.

“I look back upon my career as a privelage at having been able to teach and to help so many students along the way. That for me has been the most important element of my career and what as teachers we are here for.

I am very satisfied that I have done my best to help students in my care.”

Mr Navas, a sociable person with a great communicating ability, said the path, especially as head of the school had been demanding and intense but had been really looked towards retirement.

Proud of his positive all round image and positive philosophy, he adds, he was glad to have carried on the same philosophy which has remained within the school since the days of the headship of Dr Bernard Linares.

“A positive signal is very important and this positive approach in my opinion has been of major importance to the school and a major influence.”

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