Thursday, June 02, 2005

La Linea Mayor gives deadline on pensions

Candle protest planned

La Linea Mayor Juan Carlos Juárez has said that if there is no solution to the Spanish pensions dispute by June 3rd “a programme of public protests and demonstrations” will be put into operation as from next week.

According to Sr Juárez the Ayuntamiento has purchased one thousand candles that will be lit at the side of the monument to Spanish workers on the Rock at the frontier, by relatives of pensioners who have passed away before the problem was solved.

Sr Juárez states that the “sweat of Spanish workers is worth the same as that of a Gibraltarian” and has called on all associations in La Linea to be involved in this protest, inviting people from other parts of the Campo to take part.

The European Commission moratorium on the Spanish pensions issue granted to Britain comes to an end on June 3rd, added Sr Juárez.

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