Saturday, June 18, 2005

GSP invited to Portsmouth Trafalgar Celebrations

Gibraltar Services Police marine section has been invited to provide operational support to the MoD police in the Trafalgar 200 celebrations that will take place in Portsmouth later this month.

A British Forces spokesman said:

“Trafalgar 200, this spectacular event to commemorate the greatest hero of all time, Admiral Lord Nelson and the 200th Anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar, will take place in Portsmouth, UK between 23rd June and 4th July 2005.

As part of the policing operation for this event, the Gibraltar Services Police Marine Section has been extended an invitation to support the Ministry of Defence Police during these celebrations.”

A detachment of six police officers will be attending and working alongside their colleagues from the UK.

The detachment comprises Sgt. Chappory with Constables Golt, Mor, Dudley, Jeffries and Carroll.

This provides an excellent opportunity for the Gibraltar Services Police to enhance their operational experiences in Maritime Policing and further enhances the close ties that have been forged between the two police forces.”

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