Saturday, June 04, 2005

GSD divisions over Labour merger surface

Further internal divisions in the ruling GSD (Gibraltar Social Democrats) party over the proposed merger with the minority Labour Party are surfacing.

Following the remarks by former deputy Chief Minister Keith Azopardi expressing serious doubts about the merger, fellow executive committee member Nick Cruz has supported his views.

Speaking to the Chronicle last night Mr Cruz said he did not see any benefit to the GSD but expressed hope that members will re-think before ratifying the move. Mr Cruz said:

“I do not see the benefit to the GSD of this move and it certainly raises serious concerns over the direction of the party.

Hopefully people in the executive will be convinced to think carefully and think again before making decisions.”

Regarding the possible break-up of the party, Mr Cruz added that the matter was still open and that it was not the time to make a full public statement but rather to think things through carefully. “I will not be taking any decisions for the time being,” he added.

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