Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Gibraltar’s arguments 'compelling' – C-24 Chairman

Gibraltar at the UN decolonisation session

In the most forthright terms from any C24 chairman in recent years, Dr Julian Hunte yesterday made clear he had heard Gibraltar’s ‘compelling’ arguments and its call for the Committee to do its job.

The delegate for St Vincent and the Grenadines Margaret Ferrary thanked Mr Caruana and Mr Bossano for their passionate and compelling statements that had kept committee members “spellbound for many years”.

“Their blandishment of the committee and of or failure to make progress with regard to self-determination in Gibraltar seems to me to be well founded and induce a certain sense of guilt in this delegation,” she said also welcoming the new climate of co-operation with Spain. She asked about a visiting mission and if the Chairman had approached the administering power.

Dr Hunte said he was approaching the matter “with a fresh pair of eyes” and reiterated that consideration will be given by the committee to this matter.

“We are approaching the end of the decade and it is necessary, we have been given a mandate, to review all of these things. The purpose of these hearings is not only to sit and listen but on the basis of what we have heard, to determine how we approach a particular issue,” said Dr Hunte adding that he will discuss the way to proceed.

Both Mr Bossano and Mr Caruana pointed out that Britain had said it had no objection to a visit by the Special Committee.

Mr Caruana confirmed Mr Bossano’s assertion that Spain was behind the blocking, it had last year said as much in its statement on the basis that a visit would only help to advance the aspirations of the people of Gibraltar to achieve self-determination. “I say amen to that,” declared the Chief Minister.

Spain then clarified that that had not been its only reason for objecting to a visit.

Mr Caruana also said that the Committee should come and see Gibraltar for itself.

“Our administering power does not object and the Committee can asses for itself whether the people of Gibraltar are worthy to exercise the right to self determination as understood by the Charter of the UN.”

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