Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Gibraltar involvement in Field Gun public run

The Gibraltar Field Gun Team has organized a public run for this afternoon at 4 pm.

The annual Field Gun competition takes place in MWS Collingwood in Fareham and is a major military sporting event by Royal Navy teams, said a British Forces spokesman. He continued:

“There is one RAF team and there are a couple of Tri Service teams but the Gibraltar Team is the only team that truly combines all three services.

Lieutenant Commander Mike McGuire is Gibraltar’s Field Gun officer this year and the team is being trained by Petty Officer Mac McConville.

The Brickwood’s Field Gun Competition has been run since 1907 and is seen as the successor of the Inter-Command Field Gun Competition. This spectacular and challenging competition was started in 1900 to commemorate the actions of the Naval Brigade during the Boer War when gun crews from the cruisers were man-handled ashore and over-land to assist the relief of Ladysmith.

The Gibraltar Field Gun Team will be carrying out a practice timed Gun Pull with commentary and all support is gratefully appreciated. Members of the public can gain access to South Dispersal from Devil’s Tower Road at Crash Gate 3. There is no entrance fee and there will be refreshments during the Gun Pull.”


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