Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Gibraltar CAB goes International

The Gibraltar Citizens Advice Bureau has been accepted as a full member of Citizens Advice International. As full members, Gibraltar acquires voting rights in the forum and can aspire to become committee members of the Board.

Yvette del Agua, Social Services Minister, told the House that Gibraltar will be submitting a representative for election at the next General Meeting of the Council in September of this year.

“Gibraltar’s acceptance as full member in its own right, not only raises our profile significantly, but puts the Gibraltar Citizens Advice Bureau at the lead of advice giving organisations world-wide,” she said.

The Gibraltar Bureau was invited to take part this year in the annual forum of Citizens Advice International’s First General Assembly in Brussels. The forum has become an annual rendezvous bringing together advice bureaux and networks which are in direct contact with citizens. The participants come from different regions of the European Union and countries located on its borders.

Despite the fact that the creation of Citizens Advice International has been a European initiative, member-ship is not restricted to within EU borders. In May 2004, the New Zealand Bureau became a member and membership enquiries have been received from other continents.


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