Saturday, June 18, 2005

GBC Staff in one hour demo

GBC (Gibraltar Broadcasting Corporation) staff yesterday staged a one hour walkout at noon over the way in which management had handled a senior manager post in which Patrick Mifsud has been acting for four years.

Most, but not all, union members - some management are union members too - walked out with the unanimous backing of the TGWU.

A statement accused management of lack of tact and of treating Mr Mifsud in an unfair manner.

“Close to four years ago a senior manager post became vacant, consequently a member of staff was asked to act until the post was officially filled. To this day this post remains vacant. The interview was held last week,” said GBC staff.

The staff also said that they accepted that they are not in a position to decide who is the suitable candidate for the post but they felt that one of their members had been treated with “disrespect and contempt.”

“If an individual were suitable to act for nigh on four years you would expect him to be the ideal candidate for the job. However the vacancy is to be advertised yet again.”

The staff accused the Corporation of having taken advantage of this individual’s goodwill, dedication and commitment to GBC. Management’s callous disregard for its employees has been epitomised in this latest action and staff side will not allow it to happen again,” said the statement.

But management expressed regret at the staff side decision to walk out and said that they had been invited to meet and discuss their grievance.

In a statement by GBC management it was said that the invitation had been declined and that the walk-out had gone ahead “regardless of the agree procedures for the resolution of any dispute.”

“Management feels offended by the allegations made by staffside about how it treats its employees, which it categorically rejects,” said GBC.


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