Saturday, June 25, 2005

Full backing in Petition against MoD cuts

Peter Caruana, Chief Minister, Joe Bossano, Opposition Leader, Haresh Budhrani, The Speaker, and other members of the House yesterday signed the union backed petition against MoD cuts ahead of the mass demonstration planned for next Wednesday.

Table Manners:

There was a bit of an exchange outside the House of Assembly yesterday after the MOD petition collectors set up their table outside.

They were asked to move by the Clerk Dennis Reyes as is normal when the House sits.

But when they moved again to an area just outside the bollards and there were grumbles to the Clerk and instruction was issued that they remove to the opposite pavement where protests are usually staged.

John Gomez of the Piazza expressed his frustration with the Clerk’s order and this led to a series of heated verbal exchanges and other expressions well known in the Mediterranean.

The MOD petitioners, a little irritated by the order to move, but persuaded by a couple of RGP officers, nonetheless carried their table across to get on with their business.


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