Friday, June 03, 2005

Falkland Islands welcome Bossano defence at UN Seminar

The Legislative Council of the Falkland Islands has sent a message of thanks to the Leader of the Opposition Joe Bossano following Mr Bossano’s strongly worded defence of the right to self-determination of the islanders at the recent UN Seminar in St Vincent, the GSLP/Liberals said yesterday.

Mr Bossano condemned and ridiculed comments made by the Ambassador from Argentina in relation to the Falkland Islands. He also thwarted Argentine attempts to bring in a more hostile motion in relation to the islands.

The news having reached the Falkand Islands, and the Councillors met and agreed unanimously to send a message of thanks to the Opposition Leader.

In the message, Councillor Rodger Edwards, who is a personal friend of Mr Bossano, on behalf of the entire Council, has expressed the heartfelt thanks of the Council and the people of the Falkland Islands for the robust defence of the Falkanders made by Mr Bossano in St Vincent.

The Council say they feel sure that after Joe Bossano’s intervention, the Argentine representative must have regretted having raised the Falklands question at all.

The Council expressed a desire to keep closely in touch over such matters.

Meanwhile Mr Bossano confirmed that the Spanish Government presence at the UN seminar had kept a low profile and was essentially there to report back.

Mr Bossano noted that Spain did not intervene during the session and had observed there that “there appeared to be a more understanding approach from Madrid, possibly because they are fellow socialists.”

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