Friday, June 17, 2005

Eastside developer submits planning permission application

£1 billion project

Sovereign Bay, the developer of the Eastside Project has submitted an application for outline planning permission to the Development & Planning Commission, a Gibraltar Government spokesman said. The next steps will be an environmental impact assessment, a public inspection and a consultation process.

The project consists of up to 2,200 apartments, car parks, a 300 boat marina, a modern-design cruise liner berth and terminal, a 300 bedroom four star hotel and retail, commercial and office accommodation.

The project represents an investment in excess of £1 billion, and includes a new generating station, beach expansion works and two underground car parks for the government.

According to a Convent Place spokesman, the developer must also build 200 affordable homes in Gibraltar for sale at cost while the Government has already received a premium of £4.7m and will receive a further £28m upon issue of outline planning permission.

A Gibraltar Government spokesman said:

“The Town Planning Department is now considering the application with a view to issuing a scoping opinion that will set out the areas of study and assessment to be covered in the environmental impact Assessment required in respect of the development.

The next step is that, the developer will give notice to the public that the general public may examine the application at the Town Planning Office, Suite 631 Europort and comment on the application in writing. This is done by the developer erecting site notices and publishing a notice in the Gibraltar Gazette, and in a daily newspaper and a weekly newspaper that circulate in Gibraltar inviting any member of the public who so wishes to examine the application. The public will have 21 days from the date of publication of the last published of the three notices in which to submit their comments and objections, if any.

Filing the application for outline planning for the Sovereign Bay project and the beaches protection project therefore marked an important milestone and has commenced the planning process in respect of this major development."

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