Friday, June 17, 2005

Birth of an Island

Work has started on reclamation of land in front of Queensway Quay Marina, on which 19 luxury houses worth around £1.8m each will be built.

The exclusive complex, to be known as The Island, will cover an area of around 13,000 square metres, with each house provided with its own private berth.

The reclaimed island will effectively create a new breakwater that will eliminate the infamous tidal surge that affects boats moored in the existing marina, as well as creating an additional 18,000 square metres of deep water berthing which currently cannot be used.

Dutch dredging company Van Oord, which has been behind major reclamation projects including Palm Island in Dubai, is handling the reclamation operation locally. Its side-stone dumping vessel Ham 601 this week started shipping core material from La Linea to Gibraltar.

The material is loaded into four cargo areas on either side of the vessel and then carefully and methodically discharged into the sea on the reclamation site.

The vessel will make four voyages a day and over the coming weeks will transport 150,000 tonnes of rock-fill to create the necessary landmass. The seabed on the reclamation site has already been cleaned and cleared of debris.

By bringing the material in by sea instead of road, the developers are avoiding a potentially adverse impact on traffic and the environment.

The old Camber breakwater is also being demolished in parallel to the reclamation project, which will eventually create a new entrance to the marina north of the existing one.


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