Thursday, June 02, 2005

Between the Rock and a hard place

Engineers from the Territorial Army have been on the Rock this week for their annual summer camp.

Soldiers from 503 Specialist Team Royal Engineers have been using their specialist skills to improve fuel pipelines in Gibraltar.

The new Fuels Infrastructure team is made up of specialists from the oil industry. Captain Robert Spears, a recently retired electrical specialist from BP Exploration, explains how the team can (be of) use to Gibraltar.

“503 Specialist Team Royal Engineers was set up after the recent Gulf Conflict to work alongside the US Marines to shut down the Ramallah oil fields in Southern Iraq and start up Basrah refinery.

More recently we have been seconded to the US Government in Baghdad for 3 months looking at rapid pipeline repair. We have been returning to Gibraltar between operations in Iraq to improve the capacity of oil storage and distribution in Gibraltar.”

The Engineers have also managed to find time to visit Lower St Michael’s Cave and participate in water sports.

The team will be returning to Gibraltar next year to carry on the good work.


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