Friday, May 06, 2005

WRENS return to the Rock

WRENS veterans relaxing outside the Copacabana Bar Gibraltar during a recent  visit
A group of veteran ex Wrens have been visiting Gibraltar this week for their annual foreign trip.

The Women’s Royal Naval Service or Wrens was the only way women could serve with the Navy until the 1990s.

A CBF spokesman said:

“Several of the group visiting Gibraltar served during the Second World War and one even served as a telecommunications expert inside the Rock.

Catriona Edwards, the event organiser has been on many such visits. She took the group of ladies, some over 80 years of age, to all the traditional Gibraltar tourist attractions including the Siege Tunnels and the Hundred Ton Gun.

They also met members of Royal Navy's Gibraltar Squadron and went on a guided tour of the Joint Operations Centre where General Eisenhower masterminded the invasion of North Africa during the Second World War.”


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