Saturday, May 07, 2005

Sex with minors case halted after 'Victims' refuse to testify

A case against two young men charged with having unlawful sex with two minors has been stopped by the prosecution because the girls are not prepared to give evidence in court.

The Supreme Court heard that the parents of the girls, who cannot be named for legal reasons and are known only as Miss Z and Miss Y, were extremely reluctant to put their daughters through the trauma of a trial.

During a short hearing yesterday, the Chief Justice, Mr Justice Schofield, ruled that the case could only now proceed with the court’s leave But he remarked that it was unlikely that it would ever come to trial.

Robert Montovio, of 34 Keightley House, and Dylan Fortunato, of 8 Gavino’s Dwelling, were both aged 19 when the events were alleged to have taken place in October 2003.

Mr Fortunato was charged with two counts of having unlawful sex with Miss Z, while Mr Montovio was charged with one count of having unlawful sex with Miss Y.

The girls were aged between 13 and 16 at the time.

Both men had pleaded not guilty to the charges.


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