Friday, May 13, 2005

Russian Captain fined for Bay oil spill

The Russian captain of a 26-year old Panamanian cargo ship was fined £500 yesterday after admitting that his vessel caused a small oil spill off Rosia Bay on Tuesday evening.

The spill was minor and dispersed by itself, with no counter-pollution measures required from the Port Authority.

In a hearing at the Magistrate’s Court, Yuriy Boroday accepted responsibility for the incident but said that it had not been intentional. He told the court that oil had leaked from a crack in the ship’s fuel tanks into its ballast tanks, and subsequently into the sea.

The MV California, a dry cargo ship, had arrived early on Tuesday to re-fuel in the Bay of Gibraltar. The incident took place as the ship started to leave the bay following a routine bunkering operation. The vessel was subsequently stopped and asked to anchor on the East Side while the local bunkering superintendent carried out an inspection.

Mr Boroday, who was arrested on Wednesday, pleaded guilty to the charge and was fined £500.


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