Monday, May 09, 2005

Ratcliffe respects DPC concerns for Public

Rock Star funicular

Leslie Ratcliffe, whose company 21st Century Rock is the driving force behind the funicular project, said yesterday that the Development and Planning Commission had made a “very sensible” move in refusing to grant outline planning permission for the controversial scheme.

He described it as “the only call they could have made” to reassure Gibraltar that the tourism and the commercial aspects of the project - which he revealed is now to be known as the Rock Star Funicular, were not being placed over the concerns of the people.

“I believe the DPC made a very sensible decision in wanting further reassurances about the heritage and environment,” he said.

“I believe the decision they made was the correct decision for the people of Gibraltar, taking all the factors into account.”

But in an interview with the Chronicle, Mr Ratcliffe yesterday left little doubt that the project is far from shelved.

“I’m waiting on the DPC to meet, to give me a structured reply as to how I might re-apply or appeal,” he said.

The commission decided last Tuesday not to grant outline planning permission to the project in its present format, though details of the precise points on which it failed have yet to emerge.

The latest development came a day after anti-funicular campaigners handed Chief Minister Peter Caruana a petition signed by 7,350 people who opposed the scheme.

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