Thursday, May 12, 2005

Patron Peter Caruana visits Manchester Club

Chief Minister Peter Caruana paid a visit to the Manchester United (Supporters) Club, of which he is Patron, at their current premises at Naval Hospital on Tuesday evening.

The occasion was the televised Manchester Utd. v Chelsea FC match which was shown on the ‘big screen’ to a packed audience of the ‘Red Devils’ faithful.

In his welcoming speech, Club President Clive Moberley explained the nomadic nature of the Club since its humbler beginnings at ‘the Flying Angel’ 1994 up to its 300 members of the present day in premises which are, themselves, scheduled for development. He put in a plea to the club’s Patron for consideration when that day came.

A presentation of a suitable polo shirt was made to Mr. Caruana who, in reply, reminded all present that ‘there was no such thing as a free lunch’ – in this case a tapas supper.

Perhaps there was also a ‘drowning of sorrows’ as Manchester lost 3-1 to the latest rivals to their Champion’s crown.


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