Saturday, May 07, 2005

Parking controls at Glacis Estate

Following detailed consultation with the Tenant’s Association of Glacis Estate the Government has announced that it is, with effect from May 9 2005, introducing parking restrictions within Glacis Estate to improve the car parking situation for residents of that Estate.

The Parking situation within Glacis Estate for residents is made worse by the fact that, due to its proximity to the border, it is used for parking by private and commercial cross-border traffic. As from May 9, only residents of that Estate will be allowed to park within the Estate. A system of residents’ parking permits has been introduced. Parking of vehicles not covered by a resident’s parking permit will be prohibited. Notices informing the general public of these parking restriction will be placed at all entrances to the Estate. Motorbikes may only be parked in specially designated motorcycle bays within the estate. Vehicles parked in breach of these rules will be removed.

Commenting on this development, Housing Minister Jaime Netto said:

“This satisfies a long standing request of the Glacis Tenants Association. The Estate has 327 parking bays (plus 2 bays reserved for disabled persons). 39 of these parking spaces were newly created when we beautified the Estate a couple of years ago. There are 536 flats in the Estate. 491 permits have so far been issued.

This measure will substantially ameliorate the position, but will not totally eradicate the parking problems. The effect of this measure is that residents will continue, as at present, to compete between themselves for parking spaces but will no longer have to compete with non-residents using the estate as a public car park. This should improve the situation somewhat.”


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