Tuesday, May 10, 2005

New Prospect Officer in Rock visit

MoD high on the agenda

A high-level delegation of UK officials from the trades union Prospect is due to arrive in Gibraltar this evening for talks on a range of issues including privatisation plans at the Ministry of Defence.

The main purpose of the visit is to introduce Prospect’s new national officer for MoD and Energy issues, Steve Jary, to local union representatives.

But the schedule also includes meetings with both Chief Minister Peter Caruana and Commodore Allan Adair, Commander British Forces, during which the MoD plan is likely to be discussed. Some 130 members of Prospect could be impacted by the MoD proposal.

The delegation includes Freeda Betts, the Prospect MoD/Energy negotiating officer who, together with her Transport and General Workers’ Union counterpart Peter Allyson, is working on the MoD privatisation issue in the UK.

The union’s training officer, Hilary Dunn, will also accompany Mr Jary and Ms Betts during the three-day visit to Gibraltar.

Apart from Mr Caruana and Commodore Adair, they will meet with the MoD trades union action committee and Prospect’s civil service section representatives.


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