Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Montiel sets challenge for MoD resolution

May Day messages - “We must stop contractorisation,” says Bossano

Luis Montiel the TGWU District Officer has called on Gibraltar’s workers to stand in solidarity in the bid to halt the MoD in its plans to contractorise hundreds of jobs.

In a May Day Message this weekend he said the big challenge for the unions today is the battle against contractorisation.

Urging unity he said that the MOD should accept that the proper course to resolve these issues is negotiations that lead to an acceptable state of affairs for all concerned.

But he warned that if MOD failed to listen to the call from all Gibraltar for a reasonable agreement then the only alternative would be all out confrontation.

Joe Bossano, Opposition Leader, in his message says that this issue is the same challenge to Gibraltar’s standard of living that we have faced from the MOD with their refusal in the 1970s to pay UK wages, the Parity battle.

“It is the same challenge that was presented with the Naval Dockyard privatisation when an attempt was made to introduce lower wages than existed in the MOD in the 1980s.”

At the weekend Chief Minister Peter Caruana in his message said that this year, May Day was being commemorated in the shadow of the threat to MOD employees posed by its unacceptable privatisation plans. “We are working together with friends in the UK, to persuade the MOD to engage the Unions in a negotiation to deliver savings in an agreed manner. This campaign is important both to the workers involved and to the economy of Gibraltar as a whole,” he said.


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