Thursday, May 26, 2005

MoD Medal Presentation

Nine retired Gibraltarian employees of the Ministry of Defence were presented with the Imperial Service Medal at a formal reception in Rooke yesterday.

Between them, they had clocked up a grand total of 326 years’ service for the MoD.

At the shorter end of the spectrum was a woman who had worked for the British military for 26 years.

At the other end were three men who had each served for a remarkable 44 years.

The Imperial Service Medal was instituted in 1902 by King Edward VII and is described by the MoD as “a mark of Royal Favour” in recognition of long service of at least 25 years.

Commander British Forces Commodore Allan Adair presented the medals during a short ceremony attended by friends and family of the employees.

“Each of you here today has made a unique and valuable contribution to the important task performed by the Armed Forces,” Commodore Adair told the recipients.

The wealth and breadth of their combined experience quickly became evident as individual heads of section read out biographies peppered with lively and colourful anecdotes.

The recipients were:

Angela Aguilera, administrative officer, 26 years of service
Alexander Pisharello, administrative officer, 38 years of service
William Bear, administrative officer, 44 years of service
Carlos Chini, senior craft mechanical fitter, 44 years of service
Alonso Gonzalez, slinger, 44 years of service
Henry Mauro, industrial technician, 34 years of service
Anthony Holmes, senior craft telecom mechanic, 30 years of service
Julio Pons, telecommunications mechanic, 27 years of service
Lillian Warr, administrative officer, 39 years of service.

Three more MoD employees – Andrew Candeas, Mari Carmen Chichon and Yvette Gonzalez – have also been awarded the Imperial Service Medal but were unable to attend yesterday’s reception. They will be presented with their medals at a later time.


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