Tuesday, May 24, 2005

MoD letter to TGWU defends contractorisation

MoD UK admitted that it acted out of character in the question of the announcement of MOD cuts but says it acted within the law.

In a letter that predates the UK election but received by TGWU in May, Geoff Hoon, then Defence Secretary, tells Jack Dromey, a TGWU chief, that MOD remains fully committed to Gibraltar.

GBC (Gibraltar Broadcasting Corporation) yesterday said it had seen the letter and quoted it as saying that it did not accept that the TUPE agreement on transfer of undertakings had been breached.

Mr Hoon said that MOD had fully met its obligations to inform nor were they prohibited from deciding to outsource.

The letter is also quoted as acknowledging the obligation to consult but says this can only take place after the bidder’s proposals have been seen or evaluated.

Mr Hoon defended as a recognition of the sensitivity to political and economic implications for Gibraltar the fact that Adam Ingram, Armed Forces Minister, had briefed the Chief Minister personally.

But the letter argued that Mr Caruana anticipated the MOD’s own announcement to staff by briefing the unions himself. The formal announcement was thus brought forward.

Mr Hoon also says that he understands that the union will seek to defend members interests through industrial action but says that management too will seek to ensure that business continues. It will also seek a way forward through dialogue on the detail of implementation, it said.


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