Friday, May 27, 2005

Merger story ruffles GSD and Labour

Ahead of a GSD (Gibraltar Social Democrats) executive meeting set for Tuesday, which is expected to discuss the subject of a the governing party, the GSD, agreeing a merger with the Labour Party, members were yesterday playing down reports on GBC (Gibraltar Broadcasting Corporation) Radio that such a merger is imminent.

Whilst it was made clear to the Chronicle by Terry Cartwright, a senior GSD figure, that “much” of the GBC report was incorrect, she declined to elaborate on what aspects she was referring to.

However other senior GSD sources suggested that the critical issue now is how the executive decide to handle the matter.

Party leader, Peter Caruana, is known to have largely persuaded his ministers about a month ago to support the move although the main reservations remaining for some are over the title of the future party.

Some GSD members do not wish to carry the Labour label and say the name should remain simply as GSD.

GBC suggested in its report that the GSD has warmed to the idea of merging the executives because of a recent Panorama poll that pointed to their lagging behind the GSLP/Liberals.

What has been established is that the Labour executive gave a majority vote in favour of the move six weeks ago although Daniel Guerrero subsequently resigned and Bill Pisani has ceased to be active in it.

Yesterday Mr Guerrero was reluctant to comment but confirmed that he is “still active in politics” and would be making a statement.

Mr Pisani, meanwhile has made no secret to friends and colleagues of his disappointment with the direction Labour is taking with the merger plan.

Mr Feetham himself, who is reported as being satisfied with the GSD position on non-attendance of Brussels talks, also declined to comment.

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