Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Madrid gives Green Light to Frontier upgrade

Works will cost over a million euros

Spanish Government has announced a major investment to upgrade and modernise facilities at the La Linea frontier both in the Customs and Police sections.

According to information from the Ministerio de Hacienda published in Spain’s Official Gazette, over a million euros (1.138.828, 35 euros) have been earmarked for the project. The tender for the works has been awarded to a Spanish construction company called Drace Construcciones.

The provision of extra lanes into and out of Gibraltar to speed up the flow of traffic and pedestrians, plus the construction of new modules that will substitute the existing ones are some of the improvements in the pipeline.

PSOE MP for the Campo, Salvador de la Encina Ortega, reportedly close to the national executive, has confirmed that the works are expected to commence in June.

The poor state of the facilities at the frontier had been a focus of constant complaints by Policia Nacional and Guardia Civil who have repeatedly asked for improved working conditions.

The improvements at the frontier are being linked in the Spanish press to a deal on the airport for joint use with Spain.

Car Prrk for Spanish Workers on the Rock

Meanwhile the La Linea Ayuntamiento have announced the construction of a new 15,000 square metres car park primarily aimed at providing a facility for Spanish workers on the Rock. The monthly rate will be around 20 euros and workers will have to provide evidence of a work contract or employee status in Gibraltar, car documents and ID card. The parking area will also cater for coaches, heavy goods vehicles (non toxic) and caravans at a rate of 15 euros per day.


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