Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Lice outbreak at Bishop Fitzgerald School

A concerned parent has complained to the Chronicle that there has been an outbreak of head-lice at Bishop Fitzgerald School.

The woman who declined to give her name said this had now happened "two or three times" since December and was unhappy with the explanation she had been given and that a nurse was no longer involved in supervising the cleaning operation.

Speaking to the Chronicle a spokesman for the school said it was a normal occurrence in all schools to have this happening once a term, and was dealt with as an internal matter. He said that in a large school of 500 children there was a higher probability of this occurring than in a school half that size.

It is understood the practice of having a nurse visit the school has been dropped and now whenever this happens, the school write to the pupils of the year affected with advice on the measures to take to deal with the problem.


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