Wednesday, May 18, 2005

IU express concern in Andalusian Parliament

Reactions to CSIC report

Izquierda Unida in the Andalusian parliament has called for a cross-party political agreement to investigate and establish the causes of the high death rate in the Cadiz province “especially in the Campo area.”

Concha Caballero - Spokesperson for Izquierda Unida
Speaking to Europa Press IU parliamentary spokeswoman Concha Caballero expressed concern stating that these figures were not historical but a present day problem.

She noted the existence of four scientific reports “alerting to the situation in the Campo area with causes that have not been established,” and urged the regional authorities to carry out an epidemiological study to determine the presence and interrelation of heavy metals in the air. Sra Caballero also drew attention to what she referred to as “the Cadiz-Sevilla-Huelva triangle where the death rate was high.”

Reform Party deplores Campo Pollution

Locally, the Reform Party has expressed serious concern about the recent CSIC study revealing high pollution levels including benzene and nickel in the air in Puente Mayorga. An Reform Party spokesman said:

”Like everyone else in Gibraltar, we obviously deplore this grave threat to the health of everyone in the Bay area. It has prompted the Andalusian Government to announce corrective and palliative measures that would not have been necessary had sufficient safeguards been in place to start with.”


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