Wednesday, May 18, 2005

HSA Presentation to St Bernard's

Healthcare provider HSA has donated a new defibrillator to the new St Bernard’s Hospital at Europort as part of its continuing association and role within Gibraltar.

“Donations such as this one to St Bernard’s Hospital is a key part of our relationship with our members in Gibraltar,” said an HSA spokesman. HSA currently has 4,916 policies in Gibraltar.

“We have supported the healthcare needs of Gibraltar for more than two decades, and we are pleased to be able to give something back to the community.

Gibraltar is one of our biggest markets, and we are proud to make a genuine and needed investment in the health of this community,” added the HSA spokesman.

Meanwhile Joe Catania, Director of Sales Operations at St Bernard’s has welcomed the gesture. He said:

“Donations such as this one from HSA are vital to the running of our hospital. Defibrillators are a fundamental part of emergency care and are required for cardiac resuscitation procedures. New, high-tech equipment enables us to provide the best level of care possible, to more people, every time.”

In the past, HSA has also made donations to the Elderly Care Agency and the New Hope Rehabilitation Centre.


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