Thursday, May 26, 2005

Holliday in Algeciras for talks with Port Authority

Minister for the Port Joe Holliday will be attending a meeting with his counterpart in Algeciras at the Autoridad Portuaria, on Friday, to discuss issues of mutual interest.

It is understood the issue of environmental co-operation, oil pollution and joint response to emergency situations will be among the themes to be discussed.

A Gibraltar Government spokesman said:

“As part of the Los Barrios process, an initial meeting will be held on Friday May 27th 2005 on the issue of port and maritime co-operation between the ports of Gibraltar and Algeciras.

The principal item on the agenda will be the issue of co-operation, collaboration and co-ordination between the ports of Gibraltar and Algeciras in matters that impact on port operations, security and the environment, including pollution control.

The Gibraltar delegation will be headed by the Minister with responsibility for the Port Joe Holliday. He will be assisted by officials from the Gibraltar Port Authority and the Ministry for Trade, Industry and Communications.

The Algeciras counterparts will be headed by the Mancomunidad President Juan Montedeoca and Manuel Moron, President of the Algeciras Port Authority, and include top officials of the Authority.

The Algeciras Port Authority has extended an invitation to Gibraltar to participate in an initiative aimed at bringing together the ports of Algeciras, Ceuta, Tangier and Gibraltar, under the umbrella of the Algeciras Port centenary celebrations in 2006.

This first meeting will be held at the offices of the Port Authority in Algeciras.

The draft programme for this event will also be discussed at the meeting. A further meeting with officials from the Port of Algeciras, which will take place in Gibraltar, is planned for the future.”

Algeciras Container Port Study

Algeciras port has also made public an economic impact study for the year 2003 by the University of Cadiz which says that the container business generates 5,000 jobs – half of which is direct employment— and 417 million euros in sales.

The report states that the port’s magnificent geographic location, its modern port facilities and the competitive nature of its activities ensured that it reached its economic objectives.

A total of 45 companies and institutions were analysed in the report.

Interestingly the container port accounts for 6.5% of the total employment in the area, and 1.4% in the entire province.

Meanwhile a spokesman for the port of Algeciras has declared that 500 direct jobs will be created in the Campo as a result of the construction of a huge floating platform for petrol company Exxon Mobil that will operate in the Adriatic Sea off the coast of Italy.

The Government of Qatar through the company Qatar Petroleum is the other major shareholder in the project.

The investment for the two-year project is close to 1,000 million euros.


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