Tuesday, May 10, 2005

GSLP/Libs overtake GSD in Panorama Opinion Poll

Political shake-up

GSLP/Liberal Alliance would be the most voted political formation if a general election were held today, according to an opinion poll published yesterday in the local news daily Panorama.

The poll overturns the map of local politics putting the GSLP/Lib vote at 48.7% with the GSD (Gibraltar Social Democrats) trailing over four points behind at 44.1%.

Both the Labour and the Reform parties register below 5% of the vote.

The poll was conducted over the past ten days with a sample of 500 returns.

Panorama states that the poll records “a swing away from the GSD of 7% when compared with the 2003 general election, held just 18 months ago and an upsurge of nearly 9% for the Alliance.”

“Our public opinion polls,” they add, “have correctly forecast the winners of all elections since 1976, acquiring a reputation for accurately forecasting trends.”


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