Friday, May 20, 2005

GSLP/Liberals criticise state of Piazza loos

GSLP/Liberals said yesterday that they have been informed that the cubicles in the mens toilets at the Piazza were blocked and out of action for about three weeks.

“This is caused because frequently there is no water in the flush. Not surprisingly, in the circumstances, this creates an unbearable smell which is compounded because the construction is underground.

In addition to this, two of the four cubicles in the womens toilets have been out of action for about two months. A third has been broken for about three weeks. On two of them the flush does not work, one has a broken door and water leaks out of the bottom of a toilet bowl onto the floor.”

The Opposition says that there has been no soap in any of the two toilets, nor in the disabled toilet which is at street level, since Christmas time.

They also recall that the decision to locate the toilets underground as part of the piazza project raised eyebrows at the time. The entire project cost over £1.5 million and the toilets themselves over £130,000, said the Opposition.

The Opposition says it considers that it is totally unacceptable that the hugely expensive underground toilets at John Mackintosh Square should be out of action for several weeks at a time. A number of complaints have been received from members of the public regarding the poor state of the facilities, they said.

“This gives a bad impression to visitors to Gibraltar and causes a considerable inconvenience to residents and indeed to all users.

The Government have spent a huge sum of money on these toilets and now that they are in place the least they could do is ensure that they are properly maintained, otherwise this will go down in history as yet another case of more public money being flushed down the loo by the GSD (Gibraltar Social Democrats)administration!”


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